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I have been building websites for over 15 years now. Sure a lot has changed over that time however there are also some staples of Website Design and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) that have remained fairly solid. These are often the first few things I will check when doing an audit of a website.

I have so much information in my head that I am literally bursting to share it. I love working with small businesses, whether they be on the Central Coast, Sydney, Melbourne or anywhere in Australia and helping them improve their websites, online marketing, digtial marketing and SEO.

There is information overload in this industry however what I do is breakdown that information and deliver it to my clients in a language that they can understand and what suits their needs for their website and online marketing at that time.

So if you need help to ensure that your website is working at its best to deliver you results for your smal business contact me for a chat on 0415 601 591.

Talk soon.


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Here I will let one my clients tell it best;

Yvette is both knowledgeable and practical, and was able to break down the important aspects of our online presence and website data into manageable chunks of information which were digestible to us as business owners. With a limited understanding of terms like SEO and website analytics Yvette was able to explain these things in language we understood, while providing practical, hands on training in how to maintain our SEO strategy into the future.

Yvette provided a full website review with a great report in the first instance which gave us a clear understanding of the strengths and limitation of our current site analytics and SEO which in itself was a highly valuable tool. Engaging Yvette as a consultant beyond this we were able to tap into both her marketing and website expertise to better understand the analytics behind our site so we could better manage the visibility and success of our online presence while feeling confident to drive traffic to our site.

If you're in business and want to know whether your website is working well for you, or you're keen to get a better handle on understanding SEO and analytics, Yvette from Savvy Sites is someone you must speak to.

Kristy-Lee Billett
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